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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Islamic Spirituality by Dr. Y A Sabba

Islamic Spirituality is based upon the assumption that what appears to us as mystery revealed itself as being God. The Qur'an is this revelation. The Qur'an instructs us in the foundational importance of awareness of God and the proper response to God. The Sunnah (lifestyle or practice) of Muhammad expresses and exemplifies this Qur'anic awareness of, and response to God within actual, historical, phenomenal reality. This is the heart and foundation and raison d'etre of Islamic spirituality. Muhammad is considered to be a "walking Qur'an".
Islamic spirituality fosters God-consciousness, called taqwa, in and through all daily activities in addition to activities we usually identify as "spiritual" such as fasting and prayer. It shuns any extremes. Islamic spirituality is active in all four aspects of human experience. It thus avoids extremes of interiority and does not portray the physical of the social as being contra the spiritual.   

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