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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Biotechnology Cracking New Pastures by C P Malik and Aman Verma

Breathtaking progress has been made in biotechnology in the past 20 years. The global biotechnology industry is now at the initiation of a technology curve whose growing potential seems limitless. It is the next driver of innovation and economic growth. This cutting edge technology is already beginning to usher in complex, rapidly emerging and far-reaching new changes in several areas, particularly food and nutrition, security, health care and environmental sustainability. It has sparked several discoveries.
The present book Biotechnology: Cracking New Pastures discusses selected topics to provide the reader a sound knowledge of selected areas in different guises, ranging from Lectins, RNAi, Bacterial biosorption of heavy metals, Increasing yield potential of grain legumes, Science of Omics, Ednophytic fungi; advances in DNA transfer, Prions, Chemistry and Functions of NO, each topic is written by an expert and offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on pertinent topic. Most of these topics are sought after by researchers and students at the graduate as well as postgraduate levels. Each chapter discusses the current status.
 The strength of the book is profusely used images, and extensive literature citations. To give a snapshot of state-of-art research in the related area where things move faster that anywhere else is next to impossible. Several authors and co-authors  have worked on this protect, and although we tried to find a more or less uniform style, the authors with unique views and values are still recognizable.
Certain to become the standard reference for biotechnologist, molecular biologists, breeders, applied biologists, a must for teachers and students engaged in teaching and research in physiology and plant sciences, the book is the definitive source for those who are keen to remain updated with recent advance s biotechnology.


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